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Armando  A.

My house on Treasure Island recently received a major renovation done by H.E. Feldman & Son. We couldn't be happier with the GC's performance or the result. Part of the renovation was re-insulating the new attic/roof. H.E. Feldman recommended a new spray-on closed cell foam, rather than using the conventional pink fiberglass that gets laid between the rafters over the ceiling on the attic side.


The spray-on is applied underneath the roof - attic side. When finished it forms a foam cocoon inside the roof. While we can't tell yet if the new insulation has reduced energy use (we've only been in the house 6 weeks), The AC is cycling less frequently than before and the rooms stay cool more uniformly. Also, the attic stays significantly cooler, probably 30 to 40 degrees cooler than before. I recommend this product. 

Nick and Kathy B.
H.E. Feldman was contracted to build my wife and I a custom home in Madeira Beach FL. During the framing stage and after some investigation it was decided to upgrade our insulation choice to closed cell foam.  The following reasons led to that decision:

• Less than a 5 year payback in energy cost savings, resulting in continued savings.
• Tightens, solidifies and bonds the upper framed levels of the structure.
• Creates an impenetrable insect barrier.
• Creates an inward and outward sound barrier. Great for rest and the avid audiophile. 
• Is considerate to the overall environmental footprint of the structure.
• Decreases future maintenance costs and increases the overall value of the structure.

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